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  • Finished Product Conveyor

    Contact NowFinished Product ConveyorFinished Product Conveyor This machine is for conveying finished products by using imported miniature motor. Model: Finished Product Conveyor Conveying Capacity: 60 bags/min Gross Weight: 40 kg Power Supply: 220V, 40 WRead More

  • Semi-automatic Powder Weighing Equipment

    Contact NowSemi-automatic Powder Weighing EquipmentSemi-automatic Powder Weighing Equipment This machine is made of stainless steel for food and drug. It uses the gear reduction motor and American servo motor to be operated fast without noise. Model: HFT-GMB-01 Packing Specification: 2—5000g Packing Speed: 1200—3500 bags/h Machine Size (LxWxH):...Read More

  • Material Elevator

    Contact NowMaterial ElevatorMaterial Elevator The material elevators are used with packing machine and combination weigher to feed and down automatically. The Z type material Elevator can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel according to the customers’ choice. Model: Bucket Material Elevator Z Type Material Elevator...Read More