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Small Packaging Machine For Sealing Knowledge

1. vertical plate packing machine

The packaging machine is used for packaging of powdered seasoning of instant noodles. It works as a film drawing roller wheel to send film intermittently down and fill materials, to splint it to fold and cut the film heat sealing. Traction rollers start transporting films for the next bag. After the finished product packaging by transverse shear cut into a bag and a bag. Currently new packaging machine for packaging bag bags beautiful, high material utilization, integration of cross-cutting and stepper motor driver, computer control, bag length control, packing speeds of up to 40~140 bags/min.

2. the drum type packing machine

The packaging machine for sealing is done by the heat rollers rotation, divided into single roller (for powder only), dual roller (for liquid, viscous or powder) and three-stage roller tube (for liquids and viscous body) total 3. It works for sealing the longitudinal continuity at the same time, cross, side fills and flat-cut, serrated cutting continuous or dotted cut and can be equipped with easy to tear the incision device.


(1) the complexity and high cost. 

(2) packing speed: 80~200/min. 

(3) high seal strength and beauty. 

(4) there is a wide range of development (including cutting, Twin Pack, three bags, etc).

3. horizontal multi-position splint-powder packing machine is intended only for instant noodle packet soup packaging.


(1) the bulky and expensive. 

(2) packaging speed: 300~500/min. 

(3) a slightly wrong with the machine, for the production of serious