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Packaging Machinery Technology Development Trend

1.Technology: improve the automation of packaging machinery and running reliability and stability.

2.Technology: improve the quality of packaging machinery sealing, reliability and adaptability to material, energy-saving.

3.Microcomputer technology: micro-computer control, inspection, compensation, adjustment and display technology in packaging machinery, improving the reliability of packaging machinery and intelligence.

4.Supporting technologies: supporting the electrical components, pump, valves, sensors, motors and electrical control components. Development of various online and offline detection equipment, such as foreign body detection, weight check, metal detecting, vacuum testing equipment.

5.modular technology: modular design technology, the level of packaging production line and production operation of the system.

6.Design and technology: improved packaging and reliability design of mechanical optimization design, computer-aided design (CAD), the level of industrial design.

7.manufacturing technology: improving packaging machinery in the selection and application of materials, processing equipment and technologies, materials, surface treatment, quality inspection and other levels, applied CAD/CAM technology.

8.the use of machine vision product quality to provide effective protection for the packaging industry.

9.the application of digital control technology, promote industrialization and information depth integration of packaging machinery industry.