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Overview Of The Basic Classification Of Packaging Machinery

The process including bag, Pack, air, exhaust, date-stamping and other major operations. In addition, the package also includes measures or add on a packaging machine automatic feeding process. Using mechanical packaging products can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity and meet the needs of mass production and meet other requirements such as hygiene and preservation.

Packing machines: a wide variety of packaging machines, many classification methods each have their own characteristics and scope, but it has its limitations. From the total packaging machinery on the international situation, scientific classification is classified according to its main function, it can take hold of the essence of things. From different of views starting can has variety, by products State points, has liquid, and block, and bulk grain body packaging machine; by packaging role points, has within packaging, and outsourcing packaging machine; by packaging industry points, has food, and daily chemical, and hardware spare parts, and textiles, packaging machine; by packaging station points, has single station, and more station packaging machine; by Automation degree points, has automatic packaging machine, also has semi-automatic of and so on. Sealing forms can be divided into back-letter, three-side-seal, clip, triangle, and so on. Differentiating by product form, can be divided into pillow packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, sealing machine, shrinking machine, sealing and cutting machine and so on.