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Cool Weather Cooking Bag Has Become A New Fashion Trend

Due to the cool, people tend to heat the food consumption, may retort packaging welcome. Cooking bag is a composite packaging designed to replace metal-to-metal cans, also known as the "retort". its own packaging-resistant cooking compound film, bags also became an important part of soft-packing production. Cooking bag because there is kept at a normal temperature, long shelf life, either packaged cold foods or packaging food, heating can also be appropriate, convenient, easy to carry, can be used as tourist advantages of foods, and rapid development at home and abroad in recent years.

However, along with the hot products, lack of appropriate standards became apparent. In recent days, and Haining of Haining city, Zhejiang Province, China packaging printing industry association of quality and technical supervision Bureau, changhai, yuehai, and fine, honest, haoshida, Xiang long, Yang, Lee side (in no particular order) 8 enterprises involved in the development of the plastics packaging industry-resistant cooking compound film, bag Union standards has passed expert review.

The Alliance standards set by, oxygen permeability, solvent residues on key indicators such as request, are higher than national standards for food packaging industry. Recently, "implementation of the retort film and pouch Union standards, specifications and lead the development of plastics packaging industry" also declared a key project of Zhejiang Province, standardization. The retort film and pouch Union standards and implementation, to enhance the level of quality of the plastic packaging industry in the city and enhance core competitiveness, promote the healthy development and lead the industry norms, has positive significance.