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Analysis Of Chinese Market Feed Packaging Machine

1. the complaint also reflects consumers concern about the lack of quantitatively packed commodities;

2. consumers of quantitatively packed commodities less common sense understanding, often according to their own understanding and whether judged quantitatively-packed commodities inaccuracy. For example when consumers only when the question of quantitatively packed commodities purchased by using a simple method of weighing or volume after volume of conversion after the judgment, therefore there reported no cases.

3. for quantitative packaging commodity no cycle verification of particularity, in continuous years on quantitative packaging commodity checks of based Shang, 2014 City Council organization on 149 home quantitative packaging production enterprise, 39 home sales enterprise by production quantitative packaging commodity NET content situation for has supervision checks, total checks quantitative packaging commodity 382 batch, qualified 376 batch, not qualified 6 batch, which net content test not qualified 4 batch, net content mark not qualified 2 batch, total rate 98.4%, 1 of quantitatively packed commodities sales unit and ordered to correct the illegal measures of administrative penalty according to law regulations.