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Scroll vacuum packaging machine use precautions

Roll type packaging machine features:

Roll automatic vacuum packaging machine is a modern packaging machinery, imported host micro-computer control, imports of key components for original Studio stainless steel plate reinforced structure, both to facilitate clear and durable, can prevent package acid, alkali, salt corrosion caused by items such as rust. Conveyor special imported materials, high strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, light weight. All-aluminum alloy composite motors, frequency conversion and speed away, by humans. All the heating elements installed in the Studio, can avoid the packaging items (especially liquids) caused by the effect of short circuit fault, and the water protection system, service life of the heating is higher than similar products.

Principle of rolling packaging machines

Packaging bag with vacuum, the vacuum gauge pointer up, get extra vacuum (manipulated by time relay ISJ) vacuum pump stop working, the vacuum stops. In the vacuum operation, IDT of two-position three way solenoid valve operation, heat seal Chamber vacuum hot stick in place. IDT broken, outside atmosphere after its upper intake hole into hot seal gas room, using vacuum indoor with hot seal gas room Zhijian of pressure poor, hot seal gas room inflatable expansion big, makes its Shang hot frame Xia moved, pressure live bags mouth; with hot seal transformer job, beginning sealing; this with, time following electrical 2SJ job, number seconds Hou action, hot seal finished.