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How to select the right fit for your pillow plate packing machine

1. On suitability of inclusion compound

a. Customers can choose according to the characteristics of their products for pillow plate packing machine, of course, a lot of material on the market models made for item, it will need to buy in the market looking for, there is a direction in terms of the choice a lot easier, based on comparison to meet their own requirements. If the market does not have a corresponding model the customer according to the nature of products to choose, such as the product easy to slag-falling or loose, then select the next film, because of the machines to the packaging stage of the film on top of the material, residue is not falling into the machine, ensures the integrity of the packaging;

2. The stability of the machine itself

This should be all the customers in the choice of packaging machines are issues that need consideration, of course, this is not how to select technology issues, needs customers selected to test the machine as a machine manufacturer and no strength, running for a long time, and does not reflect the stability of the machine.

3. Pillow block packaging machine speed

Packaging speed is customer in select machine Shi a is important of standard, dang customer decided has is expected to production Hou also on decided has pillow type packaging machine of speed, after all customer is to capacity mainly of, due to currently market Shang of packaging machine of packaging way decided has packaging speed, like to duplex packaging machine of speed are below 160 package/minutes, and rotating knife of packaging machine can reached 400 package/minutes above. Meanwhile, pillow type packaging machine speeds and packaging materials as well as retro-fitting of parts. If the machine equipped with a spray of alcohol or adding nitrogen-filled part of the function of speed is not very high.

4. Pillow block packaging machine scalability

This is for customer on future of planning and products of diversity development to decided of, many of customer early may due to funds and scale, aspects of limit will select some low-end of equipment, like General motor or frequency electric do power of machine, but future of development is no of and automation of factory, that on need in initially purchase equipment Shi as select some in the end of servo machine and relative scale and strength strong big of machine producers, This can be in the back of the machine into production lines or machines up the machine the upgrade easier, and more reliable, if weak or inadequate research and development capacity of the machine manufacturer and models for many years did not change and upgrade, so customers don't expect their machines in there is too much improved on the original Foundation.