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Feed packing machine advantages

Feed packing machine advantages

1. optional active gas dust removal device, suction clean dust, effectively maintaining the environment clear.

2. accurate measurement stability, free plastic bags, kraft paper bag, woven bag package.

3. the scales solid structure, covering an area of small, easy to clean, and dimension.

4. the series of products using the weight of the material itself and the physical properties of liquid using ARC door twice feeding, weighing method.

5. Auto-induced vibration feeder metering, ensure the accuracy of the packing and material not easily crushed or damaging its original characteristics.

Feed packing machine principle

Material by pneumatic butterfly valve into the buffer silos through pneumatic arc door for large, medium and small tertiary feeding. Enter the weighing Hopper, the material reaches the set value, the sensor signals, arc closes, the weighing hopper bottom hopper valves open, material into the bag, bag holder open, bag via conveyor to sewing machine.