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Box packing machine works

Second, use:

This machine is suitable for fresh poultry meat products, aquatic products, fresh fruit and vegetable products, frozen, microwave conditioning class, mushroom and cooked food, pastries, pasta, sauerkraut, pickles, tea leaves, herbs and other materials. Particularly applicable to the agricultural products processing and distribution centers, food processing plants, the supermarket behind the fresh agricultural products, raw meat chain, food distribution centers and more.

Three characteristics:

The absorption international advanced technology, optimization of components and import control apparatus designed to manufacture.

(1) each working cycle automatic machine control, easy to operate, reliable operation.

(2) can be used individually in vacuum packaging, vacuum can be adjusted.

(3) can be used individually sealed, pressure can be adjusted.

(4) to achieve vacuum-gas-seal packaging, air volume can be adjusted.

(5) the machine is equipped with vacuum chambers, high vacuum, gas exchange is the ultimate vacuum is complete, gas displacement of more than 99.98%, virtually no residual air.

(6) the photoelectric control, optical film and color film can be used on the same machine.

Composed of four building, box-type vacuum packaging

The machine consists of a vacuum system, charging system, electric control system, electrical system, membrane systems, temperature control systems, thermal sealing film winding and unwinding system, control system and components, such as mold.

Five principles, box-type vacuum packaging machine:

Electrical control system control system through the cylinder, on the completion of access and of die die die, mold, heat sealing, cutting and die-of steps, and so on.