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Automatic vertical packing machine to meet market demand

Vertical packaging machine is widely used in daily life, applicable to all types of powders, granules, tablets and other items of packaging. Vertical packaging machine and the most unique place compared to other packaging machines are packaging materials for cylinder set inside the bag, bag with filling material from the top to the bottom along the vertical direction.

Driven by technology, people developed an automatic vertical filling of vacuum packing machines. It is reported that the cancellation of vacuum chamber vacuum packaging machine is a revolutionary creation, without vacuum packaging vacuum chamber, do not need prefabricated bags. Series-automate the entire packaging process by computer according to the scheduled program, the high level of automation. The whole system structure 湊, stable performance and standardized, modular design, high level of intelligence and automation, as well as products look beautiful, can be comparable with imported machines.

Vertical packaging machine

And vertical vacuum packaging machine is in plastic foil or plastic film for packaging materials, liquids, solids, powder paste-like foodstuff, grain, fruit, pickles, fruit, chemicals, medicine, electronics, precision instruments, precious metals, vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging items can prevent oxidation, mildew, moth and decay, damp, extended shelf-life storage period. Especially suitable for tea, food, medicine, shop, research institutions, industry, and has a nice appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, simple operation and so on.

At present, the whole machine industry and many other industries are rapidly developing. In order to better adapt to the social development and meet the needs of market development, vertical vacuum packaging machine must be toward the automation of the direction, to go on.