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  • Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine

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    Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine

    Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine The HFT-180 and HFT-130 machine are for packing powder, granule, liquid and mixed material. The HFT-110 is for packing food, medicine, pesticide and daily chemical products. They use PLC control system and independent bag-making, feeding...

  • Reciprocating Horizontal Packing Machine

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    Reciprocating Horizontal Packing Machine

    Reciprocating Horizontal Packing Machine The HFT—250X/ 350X machine is for packing towel, napkin, sausage, ice-lolly, biscuits and other soft strip products. The HFT—350W is for packing biscuits, instant noodles, napkin, industrial parte and other products with regular...

  • Horizontal Rotary Packing Machine

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    Horizontal Rotary Packing Machine

    Horizontal Rotary Packing Machine This machine is suitable for packing biscuits, cake, chocolate, bread, instant noodles, mooncake, industrial parts and other products with regular shapes. It adopts dual frequency converter system and semi-automatic operation system. The...

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